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Devi's Game: Kepler-186f: Book One

Devi's Game: Kepler-186f: Book One

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Devi's Game is the debut novel by Alan Hamid. It is the first book of the sci-fi trilogy called Kepler-186f.

Devi's Game tells a story of girl named Geeta from Himalayas. Geeta belongs to a low caste called Dalit. She refuses to accept the societal norms, and goes on to carve her own destiny among the stars.

When the Planet Earth gets destroyed by the evil Lord Iblyse, Geeta, with the help of two sons of gods, embarks on a space odyssey, to save the last of humanity, seven hundred and eighty-six, children, from becoming extinct. And then, begins an adventure, unlike any other you might have read.

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